Spain to host National Cuba Solidarity Meeting

Valencia, Spain, Oct 14 (Prensa Latina) The 16th National Cuba Solidarity Meeting will be inaugurated on Friday in the Valencian city of Puerto Sagunto, where it will be held for three days.

The permanent condemnation of the United States blockade against Cuba and solidarity campaigns to help in extreme situations, such as the damage caused by Hurricane Ian or the accidents in the Supertanker Base in Matanzas and the Saratoga Hotel explosion in Havana, will be on the agenda of the event.

Likewise, communication strategies on social networks, the validity of Fidel Castro’s thinking and Cuban women will be topics for debate at the meeting of the State Movement of Solidarity with Cuba (MESC), whose opening remarks will be given by Ambassador Marcelino Medina.

Medina, accompanied by the vice president of the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Noemi Rabaza, will preside over the event, which will also include a lecture on ‘Fidel’s thinking: from Biran to the present,’ with the participation of intellectuals Ignacio Ramonet and Pascual Serrano.

A tribute concert to Vicente Feliu will complete the meeting, with performances by singer-songwriters Marta Campos, Orlis Pineda, Miryam Quiñones, Ismael de la Torre, Lucho Roa, Juan Castillo, Isabel Cunyat and Tomas de los Santos.

Afterward, the inauguration of the exhibition ‘Fidel Castro: An Intimate Portrait,’ by Alex Castro Soto del Valle, and the presentation of the Collaborative Mural against the US blockade, by illustrator and muralist Javier Parra, will take place.

Debates and a concert against the blockade will give continuity to the event, which will conclude on Sunday with the approval of an Action Plan of Action by the MESC.


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