Some 2,000 Cuban Doctors Will Enhance Venezuela’s Health System

Caracas, Jan 19 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela”s President Nicolas Maduro has remarked that the incorporation of 2,000 new Cuban doctors to Barrio Adentro (Inner Neighborhood) Mission will enhance medical care for Venezuelan people.

The doctors will join 500 medical specialists who arrived on Thursday from Cuba as part of the comprehensive cooperation agreement signed between both countries.

‘Within the framework of the 60th anniversary of the first visit of Commander Fidel Castro to Venezuela, we will hold a special ceremony to welcome 2,000 community doctors, who will join the Barrio Adentro Mission to enhance medical care of the people,’ the President wrote in Twitter.

Cuban Ambassador Rogelio Polanco ratified Havana’s support for the Bolivarian government in health matters, highlighting the importance of bilateral cooperation, ‘based on a shared awareness of the need to promote unity and social justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. ‘ 

Our cooperation with Venezuela is inspired by ideals that go far beyond mere commercial exchange, our thoughts are common to the need for unity of nations and the fight for a fairer world economic order, Polanco stressed in statements to Venezuelan Television.

To date, the Barrio Adentro health mission has saved the lives of one million 772 thousand people.

This social program, fruit of the cooperation between Cuba and Venezuela, expanded its reach during 2018, when 127 million 168 thousand medical consultations were made throughout Venezuela.

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