Solidarity with Cuba Brigades Arrive in Central Cuba

bulevar-1[1]SANCTI SPIRITUS, Cuba, Oct 21 (acn) The Juan Rius Rivera 23rd solidarity brigade to Cuba , from Puerto Rico, which is made up by nearly 50 members, will be received today in this city, in the afternoon.

Raul Cardoso Cabrera, delegate of the Cuban Friendship Institute the province of Sancti Spiritus, told AIN that these persons are very active in solidarity with the Cuban people, especially in the campaign developed with the cause of the Cuban Five.

It is a brigade that defies the blockade imposed by the United States to our country for over 50 years, so it deserves our respect and admiration, Cardoso Cabrera said.

According to the program, the group that came to the archipelago on November 18th will remain in Sancti Spiritus until February 25 and during its stay they shall have exchanges with residents and combatants of the Cuban Revolution in the last insurrectional war.

The visitors will tour sites of historical and cultural interest, and production and services facilities to meet the reality of this nation that survives the ferocious siege of isolation that the American government has tried to impose since January 1st, 1959, the day of the triumph of Cuban Revolution.

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