Solidarity organizations demand in US end to blockade again

Washington, Oct 27 (Prensa Latina) A dozen organizations in solidarity with Cuba in the United States are promoting various activities to demand the end of the blockade Washington has kept against the island for more than six decades, members of those associations announced today.

One of the actions was held in Hartford, capital of the Connecticut stadium, where members of movements such as Nemo (NoEmbargoCuba), the Greater Hartford Peace Council and the Connecticut Peace and Solidarity Coalition held a demonstration to request the lifting of said punitive policy.

Likewise, a group of activists led by NEMO were received by the mayor of the city and municipality of Middletown, Benjamín Florsheim, who explained about the Cuban reality, and how the unilateral fence directly and abusively affects the most vulnerable socety sectors.

During the meeting, great investment and business potential with Cuba for companies in the region were also exposed, its tourist facilities were disclosed, and it was agreed to look for alternatives that allow closer commercial and cultural ties between Middletown and Cuba.

Also, two radio interviews were conducted in Bridgeport and New Haven, in which the reasons why Washington should remove Cuba from the list of countries that promote terrorism, where it was unjustifiably included by the administration of former President Donald Trump, were revealed. (2017-2021).

Activities of the Juan Rius Rivera Brigade scheduled for October 28 in Harlem, New York, and the march that will take place a day later from Times Square to the United Nations headquarters building, with the purpose of requesting the end of unilateral measures of the United States against the Caribbean nation.

Activities carried out by the solidarity movements precede the vote on the Resolution against the Blockade, scheduled for the coming week at the UN.

When presenting the report on the impact of said fence on the island, Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez, recently denounced that the economic, commercial and financial blockade left losses of some three billion 806 thousand dollars between August 2021 and February of 2022.

‘The gross domestic product could have grown, despite the adverse circumstances, by 4.5 percent in that period if that policy had not been applied,’ he maintained at his appearance.

The existence of the blockade is an undeniable reality, no one could seriously affirm that it does not exist or that it is a mere pretext, it is tangible and reaches, harming every family in the Caribbean country, Cubans living in the United States, American citizens and companies from all over the world. the planet, he said.


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