Solidarity campaign in New York to send syringes to Cuba

Washington, May 27 (Prensa Latina) US organizations are presently promoting a solidarity campaign to collect money so as to send over three million syringes to Cuba, in view of the country´s massive vaccination against Covid-19.

Saving Lives Campaign and Global Health Partners further the initiative aimed at providing these syringes, and for this they are also supported by the US Women and Cuba Collaboration.

Cuba really needs about 20 million syringes to vaccinate its entire population against Covid-19, campaign organizers said.

Donations can be made accessing website These donations will be used to purchase syringes to be sent to Cuba.

The US Women and Cuba Collaboration pointed out this solidarity campaign is part of the fight against US blockade and will help save millions of lives.

According to Global Health Partners, Cuba has developed five vaccine candidates against Covid-19 and two of them are already in phase III of clinical trials and are used in a health intervention in its population.

Cuba also has a well-developed health system to distribute vaccines, but they lack syringes to immunize its 11.3 million inhabitants.

Likewise, the Caribbean country is planning to produce 100 million vaccine doses to fulfill its commitment to share them with poor and developing nations.

‘Please join us now to show your solidarity with a country that has done so much for the health of its own people and for communities around the world.’


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