Social Movements Analyze Communication War against Venezuela

Caracas, Mar 1 (Prensa Latina) Delegates from 70 organizations and social movements from the Encuentro de Lucha Popular platform are Friday analyzing the effects of the psychological and media war carried out by the United States Government against Venezuela.

With the celebration of the Rebel Peoples Congress, the popular leaders are fostering new communication strategies to stop Washington’s coup d’etat to break the Bolivarian Revolution and justify a military intervention in the South American country.

The member of the digital communication group Venezuela Nos Conecta Erick Lozano stressed the importance of creating mechanisms of interaction ‘that allowed us to advance in this hegemonic battle’, to counteract transculturation.

He urged the movements to consolidate a communicational network for the empowerment of digital platforms and later to reorganize popular and alternative information media.

This congress has the task of creating digital communities, with a structure allowing us to guarantee a permanent communication of the territories. That farmers, workers, young people are organized to confront the threats of military intervention and interference from the White House’ , Lozano pointed out.

The Rebel Peoples Congress is taking place at the Pozo de Rosa Formation Center, located in San Pedro de los Altos, Miranda state, and is part of the 30th anniversary of the popular uprising of El Caracazo.

The conclave will conclude this Saturday and its aim is to present a report with strategies to systematize the communicational work of the popular organizations in Revolution.


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