Sixth Cuban Convention on Earth Sciences for Development

Havana.- The Sixth Convention on Earth Sciences concludes today here, after reflecting the needs of the Cuban economy regarding geological, physical and mining researches.

According to the president of the Cuban Society of Geology, Manuel Iturralde, this is expressed in the search for new raw materials in the field of materials for construction, as well as new combinations of materials such as zeolite and others used in the production of cement.

Iturralde told Prensa Latina the discussions of a series of works aimed to the environmental protection of mined areas, during and after mining activity.

He also analyzed on processing technologies of gold and nickel mines, as well as environmental problems linked to the exploitation of those resources. Several presentations dealt with new uses of materials in industry.

As for oil, Iturralde stated that a series of works dealt with technologies linked to sea drilling and from land to sea, as well as Cuba’s oil potentialities, in an exclusive economic area located at the Mexican Gulf.

The Congress on Geophysics debated, among other issues, on new technologies and analysis to discover deposits and decipher Cuba’s geological structure, in order to seek water, oil and minerals.

A group of programs to resolve geophysics problems, geological prospecting, calculation of reserves, data and image processing, which contribute to the development of the many Geoscience branches, were presented in the Information and Geosciences event.

Nearly 1,000 professionals from 29 countries are attending the Sixth Cuban Convention on Earth Sciences, running until today at the Havana’s Conference Center, under the title “Geosciences to the service of society and development.”

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