Six World Shipping offers freight service and gift parcels to Cuba

Six World Shipping is an Indirect Air Courier certified freight forwarder that offers air freight and sea freight services from the United States into Cuba.

The company assists humanitarian, religious, non-profit, and diplomatic entities transport specific categories of items from the US to Cuba.

Known for their “personalized shipping solutions to the Caribbean”, Six World obtained a US Department of Commerce export license in July 2010 for limited shipping of items such as gift parcels, as well as humanitarian and donated goods, non-government (NGO) supplies, bibles, medical equipment and medicines, licensed commercial merchandise, samples and diplomatic/consular items to Cuba.

Six World Shipping President Manny Dominguez expects the Cuba shipping business to expand in the coming years but for now is restricted by US laws governing exports to Cuba.

Gift Parcels to Cuba

Six World’s gift parcel service is limited to Cuban individuals and families. This service is processed through the Customs Department of Cuba and therefore, the recipient is responsible for paying any duties if assessed and paid in Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) and cannot exceed a commercial value of $200.

Air and Sea Freight to Cuba

Offering a weekly air freight service with a 72-hour transit into Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, the service can accommodate cartons, palletized cargo, and refrigerated products (only chilled temperatures).

The sea freight service is offered for 20’ and 40’ containers from seven U.S. ports into the port terminals of Havana and Santiago de Cuba.

Six World assists with transportation of items such as dry foods, clothing, personal hygiene products, baby items, electronics, auto parts, appliances, bicycles, medicines, footwear, wheelchairs, and other items.

The company does not offer an export service from Cuba.

Rob Sequin, Havana Journal
May 20, 2013

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