Singer Diana Fuentes performs again in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 20 (acn) The singer and composer Diana Fuentes gave a unique, expected and full of Caribbean sounds and Cuban essences concert after two years without appearing in Cuban scenarios.

The artist, promoting her latest album Planeta Planetario, recorded and licensed by Sony Music, offered those attending Bertolt Brecht Theatre singles of the phonogram, which will be released in the U.S. next August.

Fuentes, accompanied by excellent musicians and her husband, Eduardo Cabra, member of the Puerto Rican band Calle 13, sang singles such as ¨Asuntos de Invencion¨, ¨La Ultima Vez¨, ¨Sera Sol¨ and ¨Los Caminos¨, the latter co-authored with songwriter William Vivanco.

The material also includes the tracks ¨Otra realidad¨ and ¨Lo Material¨ which pay tribute to the great female voices of Cuban song and the missing leader of Los Van Van group, Juan Formell.

The singer said overjoyed that she was very happy to be in Cuba presenting the public her work … production that undoubtedly marks a turning point in her career.

Diana, exploring land never before discovered by her, gave the audience a dynamic show full of hip-hop, folk, electronic music and congas.

Regarding the CD, she added that it responds to that name in reference to each of the planets inhabited by people, owners of good energy and love.

“I came to ask the blessing of Cuba and my friends and also to thank everyone who helped me in my career,” she stated during the presentation.

On July 11, Diana Fuentes will have her first test in the American market and it will be through her participation in the Latin Alternative Music Conference, to be held at Gramercy Theater, in New York.

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