Si a little bit of Cuba

Oct 24 – The Oregon Coast Learning Institute will continue its winter semester on Tuesday, Oct. 31, with presentations on everything from marine science to the culture of Cuba.

At 10 am, Matt Spangler will trace the evolution of Newport from its origin as an ocean seaport to its recent emergence as a center for marine science and research. He will cover Newport’s early growth as a beach and recreation destination and its mid-20th Century domination by the lumber and marine industries.

At 1 pm, author Wallace Kaufman will present “Our Lost Language — Poetry,” exploring why poetry was a popular and important form of public information for millennia and why it died in the 20th Century. Kaufman will ask “Can it be brought back from the dead?” and “What does history and modern neurology tell us today?”

At 2 pm in “Cuba Revealed,” Conrad and Gail Willett will give an account of their trip to Cuba, which came two days after the nine-day period of mourning for former President Fidel Castro. The presentation will cover art, music, dance, politics, economics, Cuban history and more.

The Oregon Coast Learning Institute meets each Tuesday at Salishan Spa and Golf Resort, located east of the traffic light at Gleneden Beach.

Dues of $75 cover all of the 12 Tuesdays in the winter semester, and guests are always welcome to attend a full day’s presentations for free.

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