Senior Adult Chairs: a Space for the Insertion of Cuban Elders

Havana, May 25 (Prensa Latina) Inserting the elderly in academic programs is one of the objectives of the Chairs of the Elderly in Cuba, stated the vice president of that space at the University of Havana (UH), Miriam Marañón.

From these classrooms we address diverse topics such as health promotion, confrontation with climate change, peace culture, personal growth and empowerment for citizen participation, the professor told Prensa Latina.

He explained that these issues are related to the aging process from a psychological and social level from spirituality seen not from faith, but from feelings.

He recalled that the Chairs of the Elderly began in 2000 as an educational project of the Faculty of Psychology of the UH that spread throughout the country for its results in the quality of life of older adults.

‘In each Cuban university there is a Chair of the Elderly,’ said Maranon, who added that those attending this project do not reproduce any university career because they better themselves culturally.

Marañón also pondered the 6th Workshop EduMayor 2017 that began today in the center of high studies with the participation of 147 delegates.


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