Semester at Sea Students Share with Cuban Youths

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 2 (acn) The students with the US Semester at Sea academic program continue to take a first-hand look at Cuban society as they share experiences and play sports games with Cuban youths.

On Monday, students from the Havana University played friendly basketball matches with the visitors in what was considered a gesture bringing the two peoples together.

During the reopening of the basketball facility at the Havana University, following a four-year refurbishing, University rector Gustavo Cobreiro described the day as a special one “because the basketball meet took place for the first time in many years between US and Cuban youths,” he said and noted that the friendly match is a symbol of what “we intend to achieve as part of relations between the Cuban and the US people.”

“The people of Cuba admire and respect the people of the United States, their history and we are sure that this match will contribute to tighten the links between our peoples,” the rector stressed.

Cuban anti-terrorist fighter and hero of the Republic of Cuba Rene Gonzalez dedicated the sports encounter to Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino and Antonio Guerrero, his three compatriots who are still held in US prisons.

Rene Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez are the only two of the five anti-terrorist fighters who have returned home after they fully served their unfair prison sentences for having monitored US-based violent organizations that planned terrorist acts against the Cuban people.

Kristiana Wright, from the Lutheran University of California said that they enjoyed the match with the Cuban students, which she described it as a way to build friendship between the two peoples.

Semester at Sea arrived here on November 29 on board the M.V. Explorer cruise ship; the group will stay on the island until December 3 as part of the academic project aimed at providing the students with knowledge and experience about the countries included on their schedule.

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