Self-employed Telecom Agents Earn Place in Camaguey

Sibanicú, Camagüey, Oct 3.- New forms of non-State entrepreneurial management are being implemented in several employment streams in the municipality of Sibanicú, some 45 km south-east of Camagüey. There, over 70 people are providing multiple services to the population as agents in the telecommunication sector.

Among the many offers of these self-employed workers we can mention the selling of phone cards and their topping up. Besides the people can make telephone calls in their offices and pay their phone bills.

According to Rodolfo Téllez, chief at the Telecom Hub in Sibanicú, not all agents offer the aforementioned services; however, that is a direction to where the company focus its attention to consolidate the work of these freelancers.

Most of the people who have taken on this job in Sibanicú are elderly people. Maria Michel, a senior citizen living in this municipality, claims that this employment brings her economic benefits and is a source of income for her family.

Paying their taxes to the National Taxation Office (ONAT) is part of the non-State workers’ duties.  Idael Plana Pérez, a Legal Counsel at this agency, told this reporter that telcom agents are among those who pay a very low tax fee, because the income derived from this activity is not significant.

These agents are well received by the residents in the municipality of Sibanicú, where the pubic can easily access to services which traditionally offers Cuba’s State-run telecommunication company ETECSA. (Dainerys Torres Núñez / Radio Cadena Agramonte).

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