Scenic Cuba tour

Cuba is a country that can’t be easily defined. Just when you think you’ve pinpointed Cuba’s essence in the raw energy and hustle of Havana, its urban hub, the island’s softer side—the outlying rustling tobacco fields, the farms tended by ox-driven plows—beckons to be explored.

Experience both worlds on our nine-day Scenic Cuba tour under the care of our expert Cuban guide and experienced Insight Cuba tour leader, both dedicated to fostering authentic connections between you and local residents. Explore city life in Cuba’s biggest metropolis before voyaging to the western province of Pinar del Río, known for its quiet, red-earth pastures and breathtaking national park, Viñales.

While these two destinations hit your senses in wildly different ways, the warmth and spirit of their people will remain steadfast. Lifelong residents reveal the real Cuba in ways never before possible.

You’ll spend the first part of your trip in Havana, where beautiful sixteenth-century Colonial buildings surround cobblestone streets, Buena Vista-style guitar rifts flutter from cafes and romance ignites near the Malecón, the city’s magnificent seaside boulevard, where couples stroll and Cuban leisure life bustles.

From Havana, travel to the province of Pinar del Río. This is western country: a tranquil land with a temperate climate and decidedly fewer tourists than the big city. Here, you’ll be introduced to the Sierra del Rosario, a wooded range and UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve that boasts waterfalls and flower-lined paths, and Cuba’s version of Yosemite Valley, Viñales.

Enjoy the magic in simple things, such as walking on clay road, or taking in the region’s famous lush eco communities and the massive limestone rocks seemingly rising before your eyes.

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