Santiago de Cuba ready for next coffee harvest after successful year

cafe[1]HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 4 (acn) The province of Santiago de Cuba complied with its prediction in the coffee production which constitutes an important sector to the country’s economy. Leonel Sanchez, deputy representative of the coffee and forests department of the Ministry of Agriculture in the province said the collection represents almost 2 thousand 600 tons which is what was planned and a growth of 5 percent compared to last year’s harvest.

They concluded with the Arabic variety with a contribution of 21.5 tons above what was planned, while the selection of other varieties continues in the municipality of San Luis.

The hills of the coffee plantation in the Tercer Frente municipality was the first to comply with its estimates and continues to be the main producer of coffee in a sector that is prioritized in the country to substitute imports aimed at saving money.

Sanchez recognized that despite a good harvest the numbers are still distant of what can be produced in the territory. Those plans are a reality when the coffee development program begins and to run until 2020 while the areas are improved more resources available and good prices.

This program is contemplated in the transformation of over 13 thousand hectares of plantations that will replace the older ones allowing more yielding with more tons of coffee per hectare.

The coffee harvest is almost concluded with positive results and a recognition of tremendous efforts by the workers but not satisfied with what has been achieved still far from the possibilities and needs.

Santiago de Cuba which began preparations for the upcoming harvest is working in planning and handing over the resources with almost 100 percent assurance compared to previous years. The technical work is ready with a good flowering process and enough rain in the area, said Sanchez.

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