Santiago de Cuba Readies for 34th Caribbean Festival

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, Jun 26 (acn) The astern city of Santiago de Cuba is getting ready to host over the next few days the 34th edition of the Caribbean Festival, a meeting of traditions that is increasingly being one of the most important of its kind in the region, for its cultural heritage and history. Dedicated on this occasion to the fraternal people of Suriname, representatives of some 30 countries will meet in this city starting from July 3 to enjoy the Festival, also known as the Fire Fiesta, where cultural experiences and enrichment converge.

Silvia Faxas, promoter of the Caribbean Center in Santiago de Cuba, the institution organizing the Festival, told the press that so far 1,000 foreign participants from states like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Haiti have already confirmed their participation in this traditional festivity.

The Heredia Cultural Complex will be one of the venues of this Fore Fiesta, where the inaugural gala will take place -a show in which the delegation of Suriname will present its dances, traditional costumes and music as an example of the diversity they treasure.

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