Santiago de Cuba Promotes Knowledge of Glorious Lineage

Santiago de Cuba, May 24 (Prensa Latina) The Center for Studies Antonio Maceo Grajales (CEAMG), based here, promotes awareness about this iconic family in deeds for independence, with emphasis on Mariana, considered the mother of all Cubans.

Carmen Montalvo, director of the institution, reported on the commemoration program that during the year it will contribute to extol the legacy of that glorious lineage, with a significant moment in October, in the light of the sesquicentennial of the beginning of these libertarian struggles.

Montalvo said that the remembrance, in that month, of the incorporation of the first members of the Maceo-Grajales lineage to the so-called Great War or the Ten Years’ War, at the start of a patriotic history that only ended with his death in combat before Spanish colonialist forces, have special importance.

In November, the 125th anniversary of Mariana’s death will be a reason for evocation in Cuba, said the scholar, who recalled that the Cuban burial of the heroine was remembered in April after the exhumation of her remains in Jamaica.

The director of the CEAMG referred to the community’s work of the center, to bring children and young people closer to this heritage, which has a building of indisputable historical and architectural values in the headquarters of the old San Francisco Castle, in the heart of the city.

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