Santiago at night

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 10.59.55 AMSantiago de Cuba is one of those cities that saves its best for the night as if when seen in daylight it is not enough, as if the parallel world of the city were after sunset.

The traveler, the visitor should not leave a city without knowing its darkness. One should not depart Santiago without sitting for one night at the Parque Céspedes, or the Plaza de Marte, or without walking up and down the Avenue Garzón, without hearing the good music made in the Iris Jazz Club, or without sleeping and experiencing the cold of its vegetation.

The Santiago night is not only the view it offers us, but also the experience along the path when we go from place to place. From its puddles on the street to the highest site on a small cay, it is a night that will never be repeated. It is also just one night of the many in 500 years that Santiago de Cuba celebrates next July.

By Claudio Pealez, Progreso Weekly

February 14, 2015

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