Russia Warns Against U.S. Intent to Invade Venezuela

Moscow, Apr 22 (Prensa Latina) On Monday, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a warning to the United States against its threats and purposes of military aggression against Venezuela, in line with recent statements by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

Shortly before the VIII International Security Conference in Moscow began here, the Russian Vice Minister of Defense, Colonel General Alexander Femin, denounced the negative consequences of an eventual armed action by Washington against Venezuela.

A possible war scenario rather contributes to unite even more the people of the South American country around its legitimate president Nicolás Maduro, quite the opposite of what the White House pretends, said Femin.

We believe that the legitimate Venezuelan government, led by Maduro,keep control of the situation and the Armed Forces are ready to repel a foreign aggression, he said.

According to the high-ranking official, Russia supports Venezuela within the framework of technical-military cooperation, since we have agreements that we comply with for the restoration of the combative disposition of its troops and the combat technique.

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Serguei Lavrov, considered that Washington still does not fully understand the situation in which it finds itself with its policy towards Venezuela.

They thought that from the beginning the Venezuelan people would stand up against his government and would be disappointed that the Executive could not guarantee the normal functioning of the socioeconomic sphere, Lavrov told Zviesda.

According to the Russian diplomat, Western colleagues dealt with these difficulties: the Americans arrested accounts of the oil company PDVSA and the British gold reserves.

Now, when the Americans continue to say that all options remain on the table, I have no doubt that they calculate the consequences of a military adventure. Hardly anyone in Latin America will support them in that attempt, Lavrov said.

I sincerely hope that the line of sitting at the negotiating table, like the one proposed by Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay and the Caribbean community, will prevail. The Venezuelan president is ready for these talks, the Russian minister recalled.


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