Russia: US Wants to Revive Monroe Doctrine, Persecute Venezuela

Zajárova says Venezuela does not represent a threat to international stability and security.
Zajárova says Venezuela does not represent a threat to international stability and security. | Photo: Reuters file

The Russian ministry representative cited the United States’ warmongering as “an act of overt aggression against a sovereign state.

April 19 (teleSUR) Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zajárova warned the U.S. government against continuing on the path of antagonism and issuing threats to countries in Latin America.

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“It seems that Washington is looking back on time and plans to return, not even 50 or 60 years ago, but 200, since John Bolton has declared again in public about  the resurrection of the Monroe Doctrine, which declared Latin America ‘the zone of exclusive interests of the U.S. ‘ in the colonial era,” the spokeswoman stated.

“They do it so that the policy of those states is in their interests, to take advantage of the region’s very rich resources outside the legitimate legal scope and the norms of international law, only according to their own criteria.”

Moscow pointed out that any use of force by Washington, in relation to Venezuela, “is not something abstract, but a possible reality.”

The Russian ministry representative cited the United States’ warmongering as “an act of overt aggression against a sovereign state – the failed landing of U.S. contractors in Cuba in 1961 – with the landing of the allies in Normandy.”

Bolton, after the announcement of new sanctions, vowed that the governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua will inevitably fall.

“The excuses that the U.S. wants the spread of democratic principles in the world after it destroyed Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya, seem absolutely hypocritical and do not convince anyone,” Zajárova highlighted. “In other words, they demand the absolute obedience of all Latin American countries, as if they were not sovereign States.”

Russia, as a result, yet again, has urged Washington to reevaluate and abandon the plans of force towards Caracas.

“Despite the complexity of the socioeconomic and humanitarian situation in Venezuela, it does not represent a threat to international stability and security, what can not be said about ultimatums to a legitimate government and public promises to use force against a sovereign state by other states.”

The United States has now graduated from demanding “simply that the president [of Venezuela, Nicolás] Maduro renounce his legitimate position” to insisting that “he must leave power before the end of the year, and if this ultimatum is not fulfilled, they could use force,” the spokeswoman further explained.

Zajárova also noted that Washington “increasingly ignores” international law, “openly” violates the Charter of the United Nations and adopts unilateral positions to perpetuate the rhetoric of exceptionality.

“The harsh and aggressive tone of the representative of the armed forces (head of the US Southern Command, Craig Faller) again confirms our fears,” the Russian ministry official said during Thursday’s briefing.

Zajárova rejected the sanctions against Venezuela and said they are a threat to peace, stability in the region and ultimately internationally. 

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