Russia Supports Venezuela, Tells US: Stop Meddling in Dialogue

Russian Press and Information Director Maria Zajarova at Thursday presss conference
Russian Press and Information Director Maria Zajarova at Thursday presss conference | Photo: @mae_rusia

Russian Press Director cautions, “external pressure can sow mutual distrust and hinders progress,” of the Oslo talks between Maduro’s government and opposition.

August 1 (teleSUR) Russian Press and Information Director Maria Zakharova says governments of the world, particularly the United States, need to stay out of Venezuela’s internal affairs and attempting to sidetrack peace talks.


Russia To ‘Abstain’ Attending Int’l Talks on Venezuela in Lima

Zakharova​​​​​​​’s comments come as dialogues between the Venezuelan government and main opposition continue talks in Barbados, mediated primarily by the Norwegian government.

“Russia cautions against any comments or external influences that try to sidetrack the course and objectives of the talks between the legitimate Venezuelan government and opposition members,” said the press director of the foreign ministry department.

She explained that “an external pressure on the negotiating process will not accelerate it,” on the contrary, it will stall it because “it sows distrust between the parties,” Zakharova​​​​​​​ said in a Thursday press conference.

The Russian spokeswoman was referring to continual attempts by the U.S. administration under Donald Trump to interfere in dialogues and negotiations between Maduro representatives and the opposition. Additionally, Trump’s application of violent economic sanctions, biased exceptions granted to the Venezuelan right and support for main opposition lawmaker, Juan Guaido who declared himself interim president last January with Washington’s help, were also mentioned. Earlier Thursday, it was reported that U.S. military aircraft entered the Maiquetia airspace area, near Caracas.

Guiado has since tried, and failed, to overthrow the Maduro government at least twice since then.

“This line of the U.S. and its allies could … worsen domestic politics with consequences difficult to predict,” for Venezuela, she added.

On the other hand, Zakharova​​​​​​​ stressed that her government extends its full support for conflict resolution in Venezuela using multilateral tactics.

“We fully support multilateral efforts to find the best ways for both parties to resolve the situation in the country,” Zakharova​​​​​​​ said on behalf of Russia. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his cabinet continue to stand behind President Maduro. Last week at the BRICS Foreign Affairs meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated his country’s support for the ‘Oslo negotiations’ that are sometimes held in Barbados.

“We have reaffirmed our support for the process in Oslo, a process started with the support of Norway, between the opposition and the government of [Nicolas] Maduro,” Lavrov stated. “The Oslo process is underway with the participation of the main protagonists and we will support any agreement they achieve,” added the foreign minister.

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