Russia Supports Venezuela in the Face of Coup Attempts

Moscow, August 15 (Prensa Latina) Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigou declared on Thursday that his country supports Caracas” independent foreign policy and its resistance to Washington”s attempts to promote a coup d”état in the country.

In a meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart, Vladimir Padrino, on a visit to Moscow, the Russian Defense Minister confirmed his country’s support to ‘counter U.S. attempts to change the legitimately elected government.’ 

Shoigu explained that Russia closely follows the events taking place in the Bolivarian country and ‘we see unprecedented pressure from Washington to destabilize the country’s situation.’ 

He acknowledged that the efforts of the Venezuelan government led to the failure of the U.S. plan to organize mass protests and create greater divisions in society.

‘We believe that only Venezuelans have the right to determine their future. We believe that external intervention, especially in the current extremely tense atmosphere, is unacceptable,’ he added.

This Thursday, the heads of defense of both countries signed an agreement for visits of warships to the ports of both countries.

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, denounced this Thursday a new plot organized in Colombia to attempt on his life and that of other leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution. In an speech from Miraflores Palace, he pointed to former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe as one of those involved in these destabilizing plans, in complicity with leaders of the Venezuelan extreme right.


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