Russia Stands Stronger against the US Blockade On Cuba

Moscow, June 14 (Prensa Latina) Russia stands stronger against the US blockade on Cuba gaining more supporters every day, affirmed on Friday the solidarity activist with the country Lena Loshkina.

Loshkina told Prensa Latina that they were always searching a way out to end the US blockade against Cuba. On such fight, the five Cuban heroes´release from US jails has played a relevant role.

Now we are again facing difficult times, the negative shadow of reactionary elements appears but Cuba is much stronger than when its Revolution triumphed´, the activist estimated.

About 99 percent of the population, politicians and countries worldwide speak out against the US blockade against Cuba, Loshkina assured after participating in a tribute to both Ernesto Che Guevara and Prensa Latina´s 60th anniversary foundation.

The blockade´s policy was always atrocious and unfair but now it angers even those who once stood aside. Such an economic blockade has no right to exist, she said.

The Cuban people demonstrated US inability to put pressure on Cuba with their heroic struggle and deeds to resist all these years the US blockade including failed destabilizing attempts, Loshkina stated.

We are by no means going to stop our struggle, above all, because it is also now confronting many of the elements of the blockade carried out by the West.


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