Rodriguez Zapatero: Cuba should be removed from List of Terrorist Countries

10177421_851593844902707_4529086282593285829_n[1]Havana, Cuba, Feb 27.- Former Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero underlined on Thursday the need to exclude Cuba from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, one of the issues pending to be resolved by the United States to create the adequate context for the reestablishment of diplomatic relations.

During a press conference in Havana, the ex head of state emphasized the support given to his country by the Cuban government in the effort to put an end to the terrorist actions of the Basque nationalist group ETA, a goal achieved in October, 2011, when   Rodriguez Zapatero was still in power.

I should say that it’s convenient and reasonable that Cuba is removed from that list, highlighted the former Spanish head of state, who met with Army General Raul Castro, First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party and President of the councils of State and Ministers.

Rodriguez Zapatero traveled to Cuba accompanied by his former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miguel Angel Moratinos. (acn).

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