Road of Love pilgrimage to the Italian city of Rieti

Road of Love pilgrimage to the Italian city of Rieti

Arrone, Italy, Dec 20 (Prensa Latina) Participants of the walk from Assisi to Rome to demand the end of the U.S. blockade against Cuba are today making the second stage of the pilgrimage to the city of Rieti.

Activists of the Bridges of Love project living in the United States, Italians, Cubans living in this country and a Bolivian friend of the island, make up the group decided to cover the 30-kilometer route along the path of St. Francis of Assisi, despite the cold and the threat of rain.

Before leaving, the coordinator of Bridges of Love, Carlos Lazo, pronounced emotional words in which he highlighted the value of actions such as this one to raise awareness about the need to eliminate unilateral coercive measures against the Caribbean nation and its people.

The Cuban-American professor recalled that the day before, while the group was marching at night, in the cold, on steep and cobblestone roads, he asked the young people what we are doing here and he himself answered “loving my country as myself”.

The president of the Agency for Cultural and Economic Exchange with Cuba, Michele Curto, spoke in the same vein, exalting the significance of the help given by Cuban health collaborators to Italy in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

If we are here today, it is to modestly repay the support received from Cuban doctors and nurses, who with their work built bridges of love in the most difficult moments of the pandemic when the battle was against an unknown enemy, said Curto.

For her part, the Bolivian Guadalupe Aguilar pointed out that “these bridges of love enable Cuba to continue helping other peoples”.

“Camino de amor” is the initiative also sponsored by the Coordinadora de Cubanos Residentes en Italia (Cubans living in Italy) and other organizations which envisages various activities until the 23rd, including a walk of almost 100 kilometers to the Italian capital.


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