Retired Professors can now Return to Cuban Universities

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 15 (acn) In an effort to improve and maintain higher education quality with full professors of experience, the Cuban Council of Ministers agreed that retired professors may returned to their classrooms with the same salaries they had as active workers plus their current pension. The director of the Human Resources Department at the Cuban Higher Education Ministry Ana Karell said that the initiative is part of strategies adopted by the Cuban government to guarantee the preparation of future graduates.

Karell said that Cuba’s 67 higher education centers count on 35 thousand professors and researchers, out of whom nine thousand are either full or associate professors and another four thousands hold PhD titles with an average age of 50 years.

The new measure is expected to encourage those highly skilled professors to return to their classrooms, since in other educational levels it worked appropriately, while it will have specific impact on those courses that need skilled professors, such as accounting, economics, natural sciences, agronomy and engineering.

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