Restoring the Capitolio is Reviving the Memory of the Cuban People

The Capitolio Nacional de Cuba (The National Capitol of Cuba), now immersed in a general restoration process, is a huge and colossal architectural piece comprising segments of an ample variety of artistic elements in bronze, plaster, and wood, not to mention its highly complex dome.

Based on its proportions and silhouette that recall the San Pedro Basilica in Rome, the dome is undergoing repair works of its interior mezzanine flagstones and structure, rib masonry and the gold coloring of all bronze sheets that cover the dome.

Most of the bronze elements, doors, ironworks and lamps are being reproduced thanks to the work of self-employed workers that collaborate with the City Historian Office, which is in charge of the project.

Self-employed workers are also taking part in patio and garden works as well as in the restoration of sculptures.

The Capitolio, an architectural icon of the city and one of the great attractions for national tourists, will be returned to its original appearance after the most complete restoration that this building has undergone since its inauguration in 1929.

By Arianna Barredo, CubaPLUS


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