Reopening of US Consular Services in Cuba Campaign Starting Soon

Havana, Jan 9 (Prensa Latina) The national coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, Andrés Gómez, announced here on Wednesday that they will soon begin a campaign to demand the reopening of consular services in Cuba by the United States Government.

The leader of the organization based in the US city of Miami, Florida, said that Washington’s reasons for making such a decision were invented, which he described as ridiculous and harmful to the interests of the Cuban family.

With the argument of alleged incidents that affected the health of US diplomats in the Caribbean nation, and for which there is still no evidence, the Donald Trump administration removed most of the officials from its embassy in Cuba, and expelled from its territory a lot of the staff on the island.

Also, the State Department recommended its citizens not to travel to the largest of the Antilles and in December the White House permanently closed its office of the Citizenship and Immigration Service in Havana.

This closure requires Cubans interested in residing or traveling to the United States to go to third countries to receive the corresponding consular services.

‘To definitively emigrate to the United States, Cubans have to go to Guyana and for temporary visits they must go to Mexico City, which is unacceptable’, Gómez stressed before the national press.

He added that, in addition to that measure, the migrant service of the northern country only granted six thousand visas last year, of the at least 20 thousand agreed by the Cuban and American executives to achieve an orderly and safe migration between the two nations.

He recalled that in the last caravan in Miami, the Alianza Martiana coalition – of which his organization is part – demanded the reopening of these services in Cuba and the right of American citizens to travel to the Caribbean nation, as well as the of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against the island.

He also highlighted the growing relationship reached between Cuban emigration and the island as a result of the immigration reform carried out in the Caribbean nation of 2013 and the positive changes made subsequently.

Gomez also participated in the press conference members of the Cultural Association José Martí, the alliance of Workers of the Cuban Community, the Association of Women in Defense of the Family, the Martiana Alliance -as an individual organization- and the Bolivarian Circle of Miami, among other entities.

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