René González and Fernando González will celebrate August birthdays!

Send them a greeting today!

Freedom for Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio!

Dear Friends of the Cuban Five,

For more than 13 years, supporters of the Cuban Five have been sending birthday greetings to our heroes in U.S. prisons. René and Fernando are home in Cuba with their families and their people. They are leading the fight for their brothers’ freedom, inspiring the movement worldwide to re-double our efforts.

Celebrate their birthdays in freedom by sending them greetings! René’s 58th birthday is August 13, and Fernando’s 51st is August 18. You can send your greetings for them at info@…, and we’ll forward them to René and Fernando. It is also Fidel Castro’s birthday on August 13. We congratulate him on his 88th birthday, and wish him health and happiness!

This coming September 12 will be 16 years of unconscionable imprisonment by the U.S. government against Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio. Organize an action in your city demanding their freedom. Write a letter to your political representatives and your local media. Send us notice of your forum, rally, action, and we will post to our calendar.

–National Network on Cuba (NNOC)

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