Process of computerizing the health sector advances

In Cuba, 62 hospitals in 11 provinces and 46 blood banks affiliated with the Central Donor Registry have been computerized by the software production company, Softel.

Photo: Alberto Borrego

Photo: Alberto Borrego

HAVANA.— The Cuban software production company, Softel, has computerized 62 hospitals in 11 provinces and 46 blood banks affiliated with the Central Donor Registry, according to reports from the capital.

The company, affiliated to the Ministry of Communications, has focused its efforts on the administration of information technologies and knowledge, in order to find solutions to raise efficiency and effectiveness in the public health system.

Alberto Barrios, Softel communications specialist, told AIN that the computerization program implemented in these centres covers practically all hospital activity (admittances, transfers, discharges), the management of diagnostics (laboratories and auto-analyzing equipment), statistics, dietary requirements, among others.

Likewise, he noted that to this must also be added births, abortions, surgery, oncology, mortality and autopsy registries.

He emphasized that during 2015, Softel will incorporate the clinical history project and will also present a program for the management of diagnostic centres, which covers areas such as laboratories and consultations.

He also noted that the latter has been implemented in 456 comprehensive diagnostic centres in Venezuela since 2015.

Barrios stated that the EXPERLAB system will also be implemented, which utilizes Expert Systems for diagnostic support, on the basis of previously established regulations and will present its Telematic Services Platform, for the management of complex infrastructures in health or other institutions.

He emphasized that Softel is renowned for the development of software applications and providing services in other spheres of the economy, such as tourism and business management.

He noted that in April the entity will participate in the Health for All Trade Fair, 2015, to increase business contacts and present the company’s main achievements and prospects, in order to contribute to the computerization of society.


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