President of Cuba Warns about the US Siege on Socialism

Holguín, Cuba, May 30 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel warned today in the province of Holguín that we are in a context of constant siege by the United States Government against Socialism.

Currently, Donald Trump’s cabinet uses aggressive positions towards Latin America, through popular culture and symbols, argued the Cuban leader.

He added that this policy is aimed at strengthening old paradigms of capitalism to the detriment of the conquests of the world’s social revolutions.

‘In Cuba, as the historical distance of capitalist life increases with generations born in Socialism and under the siege of the blockade, the problems of that system remain as simple stories while those of our project become experiences,’ reflected Diaz-Canel.

In the final meeting of his government visit to this northeastern territory, he also stated that it is fundamental to preserve national identity, fight against ignorance and explain the history and thoughts of the founders of the Cuban nation and the Revolution.

He assured that complex tasks are aimed at perfecting the economic and social model of Cuba.

The President of the Caribbean island emphasized that this will demand a lot of responsibility and control to have the impact we expect.

For this, he clarified, popular participation is indispensable in all actions, in order to engage the population with the construction of society.

Explain the importance of referring to young people the history of our country, explain the laws of the Caribbean nation and those related to the defense of our rights before the interference of the Helms Burton Act.

On the other hand, he deepened in the advances of the socioeconomic objectives visited in several of the 14 municipalities of Holguín.

In this way, he highlighted the lines that are produced in the factories of sugarcane combines, the 60th Anniversary of the October Revolution and the agricultural implements of July 26, in which the productive links with various agencies and ministries is present.

About the University of Holguín he praised its portfolio of research lines and scientific projects that pay tribute to both the development of the province and that of the nation.

The Head of State commented that it is always an incentive to go to the Company Moa-Níquel SA ‘Pedro Sotto Alba’, recall the role played by Commander Ernesto Che Guevara and the engineer Demetrio Presillas in the eagerness for this industrial giant to produce for the Cuban people .

Among his considerations, Diaz-Canel explained that in this factory investments are made to boost the productivity of the plant.

Even when the entity may feel the onslaught of the application of the Helms Burton Act, tangible in the difficulty of obtaining some imported raw materials, he added.

In another area, he indicated to provincial authorities there must be differentiated attention to large families in the new housing plans.

From his tour of the city of Holguín he said that the train terminal project will contribute to the revitalization of the country’s railways.

In this second visit to the province, the Cuban president insisted on the need to defend social achievements through daily actions, awareness and commitment.


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