President Nicolas Maduro condemns US persecution

Caracas, Jun 4 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has condemned the economic and financial persecution by the UNited States, with a direct impact on the country’s access to Covid-19 vaccines.

During a public address, the president questioned US diplomat James Story’s statements about Venezuela’s exclusion from the global Covid-19 vaccine distribution plan submitted by the Joe Biden administration.

According to James Story, given the alleged ‘lack of transparency’ by the Bolivarian Government, Venezuela is not part of the list of first nations that should benefit from Washington’s program, which will allocate six million vaccine doses to Latin America.

‘The United States has a horrible, miserable persecution so that vaccines do not arrive in our country. The Joe Biden administration is going to donate Covid-19 vaccines to the peoples around the globe, but not to Venezuela (…), they hate us, they treat us with no feelings, because we are rebels,’ Maduro stressed.

The president added that the Venezuelan people will fully access to vaccines against Covid-19, despite the impact of unilateral coercive measures by the United States.

‘The inhumane restrictions of their illegal sanctions amid the pandemic and stealing funds and assets from Venezuela are not enough for them,’ Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza posted on Twitter.

Arreaza tweeted that with this sort of opinion, the US Government does nothing more than proving its ongoing hatred against the Venezuelan people.


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