President: Cuba’s resistance is a monument to Fidel’s infinite work

Havana, Dec 5 (Prensa Latina) Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel affirmed this Thursday that the capacity of resistance of the Cuban people is the best monument dedicated to the infinite work of Fidel Castro (1926-2016).

‘On the third anniversary of his physical death, Fidel lives in every compatriot who works, studies and resists with dignity the brutal onslaught of the empire. That is the great monument to his infinite work,’ posted the head of State on his Twitter account.

‘Fidel: ‘Socialism is and will be… the only hope, the only way of the peoples, of the oppressed, of the exploited, of the plundered; socialism is the only alternative! And today, when the enemies want to question it, we must defend it more than ever!” the dignitary recalled in another message on the Internet.

Since November 25 there have been many tributes dedicated to remembering the legacy of the historical leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, on the third anniversary of his physical death.

Three years after his death, Fidel lives in the affection of his people and in the admiration of good men from all over the world.

On that day, Diaz-Canel posted on Twitter: ‘How to remember Fidel? Assuming his legacy, confronting imperialism with courage and firmness, working and thinking for the people, fighting for a better world to be possible.


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