Praised in Cuba Challenges to Conserve Caribbean Biodiversity

By Martha Cabrales Arias

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 6 (Prensa Latina) Nicasio Viña, director of the Office of the Caribbean Biological Corridor (CBC), praised here today the challenges for the conservation of biodiversity in the insular Caribbean, concerning authorities and inhabitants.

During a conference in the Hall of Science, whose main exhibition is dedicated to the Eastern Center of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, the expert made emphasis on the economic and social conditions, along with the political will of governments, as significant assumptions in the analysis.

Viña highlighted the natural wealth and peculiarities of the region, with a high population density, only surpassed by large countries such as China and India, to which is added the complexity of low levels of development and a strong human pressure on the resources for survival.

He mentioned the example of Haiti, where despite the unfavorable environmental situation there are many treasures to protect as part of the biodiversity of the region.

He pointed poverty as a handicap in the conservation efforts and referred to the schematic matrix that identifies the region as a place of enjoyment, sun, beaches and palm trees, and other pleasures, when reality transcends because it is a reservoir in the which nests part of the future of the planet.

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