Port of Cleveland signs memo of understanding with Cuba’s maritime administration

 HAVANA – Cuba Si by by Hatzel Vel| Oct 7, 2017 — The port authority of Cleveland, Ohio, and Cuba‘s maritime administration have signed a memo of understanding.

This is the first event of its kind since the U.S. decided to pull its diplomats from their embassy in Havana after the diplomats suffered symptoms they say are related to some sort of attacks.

The U.S. also told Cuba this week to pull 15 of its diplomats from their Washington, D.C., embassy.

According to Reuters, part of that group includes Cubans who were dealing with U.S. businesses, which may lead to more setbacks in U.S.-Cuba relations.

“Our job is not to try and interpret what our government has to say,” Darrell McNail, with the Port of Cleveland, said. “We do feel that the trade relationship will develop over time, if not today, maybe tomorrow.”

Cuba already has similar agreements with ports in Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama and Texas.

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