Population Aging in Cuba at Social Work Congress

Havana, Jun 7 (Prensa Latina) The delegates attending the 8th International Congress of Social Work, dedicated to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, will receive here today an update on the new challenges of population aging in Cuba.

The presentation of the issue was made by the head of the Senior Citizen department at the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), Alberto Fernandez.

The importance of the social work in an Austrian department for geriatric remobilization and the care network as a national strategy for the care of older people in Costa Rica, will be also under discussion.

The occasion will be also used to learn about a Peruvian experience on the professional intervention based on conciliation as a management model, and the work as an element of social relations in Brazil.

Chile will expose new educational experiences through learning favoring the empowerment of citizenship, as well as the restructuring of social work in the neoliberal context in Puerto Rico.

During this conclave, which is developed under the motto ‘Development and Prospects of Social Work in today’s world,’ the 10th National Congress of Social Work and the 4th National and International Congress of Socio-Occupational Rehabilitation, will also be held at Habana Libre Hotel.

The Ministry of Public Health, the United Nations Population Fund and the Latin American Association of Social Work Teaching and Research, are sponsoring the event.


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