Pope Francis to Cubans: you make me feel at home

HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 22 (acn) Pope Francis sent a thank you message to Cuban families for ¨making me feel at home¨ in his last speech to Cubans in his four-day papal visit.

His Holiness said he thanks God for the warmth that emanates from people that can receive, welcome and make feel people at home, something he felt in Cuba.

The Pope made his statements from the Cathedral in Santiago de Cuba city, in a gathering meant for the Cuban families.

He made a call for families to keep their faith inside their homes, at a time where in many cultures those spaces are disappearing, and said that homes are the true center of humanity.

His Holiness announced his participation in the Seventh World Forum of Families to start today through September 27th in Philadelphia, United States. These forums take place every three years since their inception by late Pope John Paul II in 1994.


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