Poets from 25 countries Condemn US Policy towards Cuba

Havana, May 29 (Prensa Latina) Over 90 poets from 25 nations signed a declaration expressing their condemnation of the interventionist policy implemented by the US government against Cuba.

On the occasion of the Havana Poetry Biennial that concludes on May 31, attendees raised their voices this Tuesday ‘against war, violence, aggressions and threats with imperial overtones’.

According to Granma digital newspaper, the poets contended that poetry will prevail under all circumstances and go on singing to pain, uncertainty (…) love and to its boundless possibility.

Both Latin America and the Caribbean have barely been as close to a conflagration hazard as that prepared by the US Government with the silence and complicity of some other nations, the document reads.

Arrogance, cruelty and crime will not reign (…). No more blockades, threats and lies. That our reign is the one of peace and equality, the universe of poetry, the text ends.

The majestic event was also the perfect site to pay tribute to the World Marvel City, which will soon be celebrating its 500th anniversary and inspiration for this event attended by important local poets for nearly thirty countries.

The meeting was held at the José Martí National Library, place where Commander in Chief Fidel Castro addressed intellectuals 60 years ago.


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