Persistent calls to lift the blockade of Cuba at UN

United Nations, Sep 30 (Prensa Latina) The lifting of the blockade against Cuba, which has been imposed by the United States for nearly 60 years, is a persistent call and a shared wish of the majority of the international community.

Several speakers at the high-level segment of the United Nations General Assembly have condemned the policy, including leaders from some African countries.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Mozambique, Jose Condungua Antonio Pacheco, noted that the economic blockade ‘is not justified in a world which we want to be more harmonious and committed to a global agenda for development, which prevents exclusion.’

He called for the political, economic and financial normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States.

For his part, the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Congo, Jean-Claude Gakosso, regretted that 30 years after the end of the Cold War, we are still witnessing a blockade that continues to martyrize Cuba and its people.

‘In that regard, my country calls to show political courage and, in a spirit of reconciliation, to lift this mechanism immediately, on behalf of peace and friendship among peoples, and in the name of the UN Charter,’ he added.

South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pando expressed her country’s solidarity with Cuba, and condemned the unilateral sanctions imposed on both the Caribbean island and Zimbabwe.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Equatorial Guinea, Simeon Oyono Esono Angue, appealed to the need to end the US blockade against Cuba.

Speakers from other regions also demanded the lifting of the blockade, including: Laos Foreign Minister Saleumxay Kommasith; Guyanese Foreign Minister Karen Cummings, and the Attorney General and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Belize, Wilfred Elrington.


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