People with Right to Vote Convened in Camagüey to Nominate Candidates

Camagüey, Feb 12. – Nearly 600,000 people will attend nominating assemblies for district delegates in Camaguey province, as a preliminary step towards midterm elections, scheduled for April 2015 throughout Cuba.

Some 3,300 meetings of this sort will be held in Camaguey province, an occasion in which citizens will nominate or will be nominated as delegate candidates for their districts. When a candidate is chosen, his or her name will appear then on the election ballots through which citizens will choose them – by direct secret voting- to the Peoples’ Power municipal council.

Today, the Provincial Electoral Commission is updating the voter registrations, its vice-president Denia Morejón Reyes told the press.

Besides, she emphasized that voters should check up their general data on the electoral roll, in order to prevent mistakes when exercising the people’s right to vote is done.

Conditions for mid-term elections have been set up in Camaguey, Morejón Reyes stated. These will be held on April 19th, so the citizens that will serve as electoral officials are bracing for this act of participatory democracy. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez/Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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