Pastors for Peace closes US Tour before Traveling to Cuba

Washington, Jun 21 (Prensa Latina) The Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization-Pastors for Peace conclude today a tour dedicated to addressing the Cuban reality in dozens of American cities, before embarking on its traditional solidarity caravan to the Island.

The organization, which this year celebrates the 30th edition of these initiatives, began its journey through North American locations on June 8 in New York, and since then they have visited some 40 cities across the country in five different routes.

The tour will close this Friday with events in San Pedro (California) and Houston (Texas), where Pastors for Peace will share information about the Caribbean country with the communities, as it did in the other cities visited.

During this journey, the members of the organization ratify their rejection of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington on Cuba almost 60 years ago, and reaffirm their opposition to travel restrictions that prevent Americans from visiting the neighboring country freely.

The members of Pastors for Peace made stops in cities like this capital, Seattle, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Berkeley, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit and Boston, among others.

The executive director of the group, Gail Walker, told Prensa Latina that caravans to Cuba are a gift, but she considered the previous work carried out in the United States as very important.

It is good to have new audiences, there are people who do not know much about Cuba and they like this kind of events, the objective is to educate people, tell them about the history of the project, but also explain why we continue with the initiative 30 caravans after, he said.

Walker reiterated the commitment to maintain the solidarity work towards the Caribbean nation until the Americans do not need licenses to visit Cuba.

He also stressed the importance of Americans being clear there is an alternative history about Cuba, and it is not what the White House or the United States media are saying. We urge people to have a critical thinking, to look at Cuba with new eyes, that is the work we do in the communities around the nation, he said.

Walker explained that after the end of the tour this Friday, they will travel tomorrow to Mexico for three days of orientation with their companions in the neighboring country, and from there the 37 members of the caravan this year will go on June 25 to Cuba, where they will perform various activities until July 5.


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