Panel runs in Washington on potentialities of Cuba-US collaboration in marine conservation

capitol-hill-ocean-week-2015-11As part of the annual Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2015, academic forum which will run until next Thursday 12th, a special panel on US-Cuba relations took place for the first time today in Washington.

Answering questions from the audience, the Cuban diplomat highlighted the achievements of the Cuban science on environmental protection and marine conservation in particular, despite the effects of the US embargo.

Senator Whitehouse spoke of how America is benefited from cooperation with Cuba by saying that “we share the same ecosystem, in South Florida and Cuba .  What happens to one happens to the other. “Dr. Guggenheim mentioned that “studies show that 50% of corals have been lost since the ’70s in the Caribbean, however preservation in Cuba is impressive, we need to learn from that experience.” Ambassador Balton referred to the mechanisms of cooperation existing between the United States and Cuba on issues such as search and rescue in adjacent seas, as well as on preventing oil spills result of off shore drilling. Robert Muse mentioned the capacity the US executive power still has to modify key aspects of the embargo against Cuba, regardless of the debate that has yet to occur in Congress.


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