Panamanians demand an end to the US blockade of Cuba

Panama, Nov 1 (Prensa Latina) Panamanians in solidarity with Cuba have demanded from the United States government the ‘immediate and unconditional end’ to the ‘criminal and unilateral’ blockade of the island, intensified today with aggressive measures by the current Donald Trump administration.

The Coordinator of Solidarity with the island in its annual virtual meeting, demanded that the U.S.government ‘ends without conditions this hostile and aggressive policy and comply with the unanimous demand of the international community that year after year is expressed at the Organization of the United Nations and other international organizations ‘.

In a resolution dedicated to the issue, the attendees denounced that ‘the imperialist regime of the United States’ tried to reverse the Cuban process since the triumph of its Revolution in January 1959, in the longest blockade in history, which exceeds 60 years of existence.

Multiple interventions by attendees also ratified their support for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize proposal for the Henry Reeve Cuban health contingent, while highlighting the humanistic role of its members in the most remote and closest places in the world.

Lydia Margarita González, Cuban ambassador to Panama, spoke at the meeting, thanking those in solidarity ‘for that commitment as always, demonstrated by accompanying the Cuban people and government’ praising that in defiance of the obstacles imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to meet virtually.

The diplomat recalled how the US government, in this last year, intensified ‘the measures aimed at suffocating the Cuban economy without the slightest respect for the almost unanimous call that the international community sends every year to end the longest blockade in history’.

The Nicaraguan ambassador in this capital, Marvin Ortega, also spoke at the meeting, highlighting the values ​​of the Cuban people in their long struggle and gave them ‘a hug of solidarity.’

Likewise, the charge d’affaires of the Sahrawi Democratic Republic, Omar Hassena, said he felt the honor of being a graduate of a Cuban university and in emotional words he highlighted how several generations of world students were trained on the island.

A touch of traditions and culture were multiple presentations of dance, music and poetry that qualified the meeting, dedicated to the anniversaries of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution and the Federation of Cuban Women, both mass organizations on the island.


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