Panamanian Aid Ship Arrives in Santiago de Cuba after Hurricane

Santiago de Cuba, Sep 27 (Prensa Latina) A ship with 35 containers from Panama with solidarity assistance to relieve the damages caused by Hurricane Irma to almost all Cuban territory arrived here today by the Guillermón Moncada port.

The delivery consists of articles of personal use, mainly toilet; mattresses, sheets and towels, which are added to others received from the isthmus in the Cuban capital with different food and basic necessities.

María Luisa Bueno, territorial delegate of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, expressed on behalf of the Cubans the gratitude to the Panamanians for this gesture, which shows the solidarity among Latin Americans.

Panama was one of the nations that first responded to the unfavorable circumstances left by the terrible meteor and expressed its support from the day 13, just three after the scourge of the phenomenon, by air and sea cargo that contribute to ease material problems of the population.

The rada santiaguera comes back to be a point of arrival of volumes of resources sent from other nations to the impact of cyclones, which had a significant expression with the fraternal aid to the province of Guantánamo following Hurricane Mattew´s passage almost a year ago.

Similarly, the international airport Antonio Maceo is ready for the same mission to the north eastern area damaged by Irma.

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