Palmex, an Effective Natural Cuban Prostate Medication

HAVANA.- A new natural product made from Royal Palm (Roystonea Regia) fruit extracts promises to be a very useful pharmaceutical for the treatment of human prostate conditions.

Dr. Sarahi Mendoza, a researcher at the Cuban National Scientific Research Center (CENIC for its Spanish initials) affiliated with Natural Products Center, told

The Havana Reporter that Palmex is an effective medication for the treatment of benign hyperplastic prostate, an ailment that affects many men over 50 years of age.

This enlarged prostate related medical condition is associated with a significant number of irritations of the lower urinary tract such as increased misturial and urinary difficulties, pain or urgency.

According to the expert, research has involved various phase 1 and 2 clinical trials and that a phase 3 trial is currently underway which will bring the experimental phase to an end, at which point the data will be processed and the encouraging results will be included in the report.

Palmex produces antioxidant effects characterized by a reduction in protein and lipoid oxidization and the generation of normal metabolic cellular or harmful agents, produced by free radicals that can bypass organically occurring antioxidants, causing an imbalanced oxidative stress which exacerbates diverse physio-pathological states.

This product creates a hijack effect on free radicals and augments organic antioxidant reactions. The evidence shows that the antioxidant effects are manifested in plasma, the liver, the brain and the prostate, among others.

Palmex is based on Royal Palm fruit lipoid extract (ELFP for its Spanish initials) which is a mix of free fatty acids, mainly oleic acid.

It is recommended as a nutritional supplement to the daily diet –taking account of the increased oxidative stress that occurs during the aging process and the impact on different organism systems–especially for persons of middle and advanced age. The studies indicate that this is a very safe product without any evidence of associated toxicity.

By Alfredo Boada, The Havana Reporter

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