End of the blockade against Cuba demanded from Miami, USA

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Washington, May 23 (Prensa Latina) Cubans and US citizens demanded from Miami, Florida, the end of the economic blockade and Washington’s decision to keep the Caribbean country on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism, authorities announced.

Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared on its Twitter account images of the rally that took place in the U.S. city on Sunday afternoon, where a group of activists can be seen holding Cuban flags and signs that read, “End the Blockade”.

Members of Cuba solidarity groups raised their voices once again to demand Joe Biden’s administration to put a complete end to the hostilities, in the midst of the recent measures taken by the White House towards the island, which they described as insufficient.

Since last May 16, the U.S. State Department announced limited measures towards Cuba, reversing some of the 243 decisions taken by the administration of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021).

The displays of solidarity from the United States with the island extended to this Sunday, when the solidarity project Bridges of Love delivered in Havana a donation with supplies for liver transplants in infants sent by Cuban residents abroad.


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Cuba Prepares 6th International Meeting of Young Pianists


Havana, May 21 (Prensa Latina) Instrumentalists from France, Russia, China, South Korea, Egypt, Greece, Ukraine and Cuba will meet from May 24 to June 11 in Havana at the 6th International Meeting of Young Pianists, organizers said.

Held at the Minor Basilica of the Convent of Saint Francis of Assisi, the inaugural gala includes performances by French violinist Chloe Kiffer, together with Alexandre Moutouzkine (Russia), and accompanied by the Lyceum Orchestra of Havana, conducted by Maestro Jose Antonio Mendez.

The contest highlights the return to Havana of artists Inesa Sinkevych (Ukraine), Wael Farouk (Egypt) and Moutouzkine himself, and de debut in Havana of pianists Kirill Gerstein (Russia-US) and Katia Skanavi (Greece).

Among the Asian representatives stand out South Korean musician Yeontaek Oh, winner of the Frechilla-Zuloaga Prize in Spain, and Guangshou Tian, from China, who was ​​invited for the first time.

Already acclaimed pianists such as Marcos Madrigal and Ernesto Oliva will represent Cuba, along with the new generation, which includes Malva Rodriguez, Christian Perez, Daniel Rodriguez and Sofia Iraola.

The international repertoire consists of works by Inesa Sinkevych, winner of the National Music Prize; Leo Brouwer and Ernesto Oliva, both from Cuba, together with a selection of pieces from Cuban heritage composed by Roberto Valera, Juan Piñera, Jose Maria Vitier and Aldo Lopez-Gavilan, with accompaniment by the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba.

Organized by the Esteban Salas Musical Heritage Office and the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana, the concert season reserves almost twenty concerts with orchestra, recitals and master classes by 14 performers from nine nations.


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Cuba seeks alternatives to develop its economy

Havana, May 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is committed to taking bold and innovative measures to develop its economy in an adverse global scenario, President Miguel Diaz-Canel said at the beginning of a busy week for that sector in the country.

The actions in question are taken in pursuit of the greatest possible equity, as the only way to face the tightening of the United States economic blockade and difficulties such as the rise in fuel and food prices, he expanded on Monday, at the final session of the National People’s Power Assembly. The week that began with these statements was marked by the signing of an agreement to treat wastewater in the Caribbean, the progress of cooperation with India and the launch of important events for the country.

Authorities from Cuba and France made progress in the mission in Cuba of the Caribbean Cooperation project for Wastewater Treatment inspired by Natural Heritage (Caribsan).

Through workshops, tours and meetings held from May 16 to 20, they ratified the commitment to the exploration of artificial wetland systems or planted filters for wastewater treatment in the Caribbean region and specifically in Cuba.

On the other hand, the president of the Indian Economic Trade Organization, Asif Iqbal, and the head of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Carricarte, agreed on an action plan to strengthen mutual cooperation.

At the headquarters of the Cuban Chamber, both parties signed the document, which will be the roadmap to implement this year the main lines agreed last Monday in a memorandum of understanding.

In addition, the eastern region hosted the first edition of the Local Development Fair in the city of Holguín, where more than 80 stockholders from the economy in the territory and other provinces participated.

During this period, the upcoming celebration of two fundamental events for the economic and commercial development of the country was also announced.

The Food Industry Ministry put the finishing touches on the International Food, Beverage and Food Technology Fair (Alimentos Cuba 2.0), which will be held from May 24 to 26 in Havana and will help boost national production.

Meanwhile, Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Rodrigo Malmierca invited Caribbean and African diplomats to participate in the 17th ExpoCaribe 2022 International Fair, scheduled for June 23-26 in Santiago de Cuba.


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Venezuela Thanks Mexico for Advocating for an Inclusive Summit

Venezuela's Foreign Affairs Minister Carlos Faria, 2022.
Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Carlos Faria, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @SELAInforma

The Mexican president will not attend the “Summit of the Americas” if the United States does not invite Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

May 18 (teleSUR) On Wednesday, Venezuela thanked Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) for his stance regarding the Summit of the Americas to be held in Los Angeles.

“Venezuela salutes and appreciates the courageous stance of President Lopez Obrador who advocates for a diverse and inclusive America. His call for a Summit of the Americas without exclusions resonates in our America,” the Bolivarian Foreign Affairs Minister Carlos Faria tweeted.

This message was posted after AMLO asked President Joe Biden’s administration to “initiate a new policy” in the region and invite Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to the event in Los Angeles.

“I have confidence in President Biden. I think he could take this step and do back all that anachronistic and unjust policy of subordination and lack of respect for the independence and sovereignty of the peoples,” the Mexican president said.

Manolo De Los [email protected]_realengoAMLO is the first President to announce they will not be attending in Biden’s friends-only & exclusive ‘Summit of the Americas’ #PeoplesSummit22


For the past few weeks, AMLO has caused controversy for his announcement that he will not attend the Summit of the Americas if the United States does not invite Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. His stance has been supported by the nations of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Bolivia.

On May 2, the United States ruled out inviting those nations to the Summit to be held from June 8 to 10, because Washington considers they “do not respect” democracy. Criticisms have been unleashed by the U.S. claim to define who does or does not belong to “the Americas.”

“Biden’s plan to pick and choose which countries can attend the Summit has set off regional fireworks. Unlike in the past, when the U.S. had an easier time imposing its will on Latin America, nowadays there is a fierce sense of independence, especially with a resurgence of progressive governments,” commented Medea Benjamin, a Codepink activist. 

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Leader of Russia’s Fidel Castro Fund visits Prensa Latina

Fondo, Fidel CAstro, Leonid Savin, visita, Prensa Latina

Havana, May 20 (Prensa Latina) The director of Russia’s Fidel Castro Fund, Leonid Savin, on Friday visited the headquarters of Prensa Latina, where he analyzed the increase in collaboration with the news agency.

During the meeting with Savin, Prensa Latina Information Vice President Luisa Maria Gonzalez referred to the possibility of expanding cooperation and the exchange of materials.

Regarding the plans to build a monument to Fidel Castro in a square that bears his name in Moscow, the young Russian political scientist and editor of Geopolitika.ru magazine expressed his hopes to inaugurate that artwork in mid-2022.

Savin was interested in the publications produced by Prensa Latina, such as Prisma and Avances Medicos magazines, the weekly Orbe, The Havana Reporter and Negocios en Cuba, among others.

During his stay in Cuba, the Russian political scientist also visited the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) and the Fidel Castro Center.


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Mongolia commemorates 127th anniversary of Jose Marti’s death

Ulan Bator, May 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Ambassador to Mongolia Jorge Ferrer participated on Saturday in a ceremony to honor Jose Marti, at a school named after Cuba’s national hero.

On the 127th anniversary of Marti’s death (May 19), Ferrer laid a wreath at the sculpture of the hero in the school, diplomatic sources reported.

The Cuban ambassador also gave books and diplomas to all six winners of a poetry and essay contest on the Cuban patriot’s life and work.

As part of this cultural event, students with Mongolian traditional outfits danced traditional dances and another group sang traditional songs.

Cubans and friends of Cuba around the world commemorated the 127th anniversary of the death in combat of National Hero Jose Marti (1853-1895), who was the mastermind of what he called “the necessary war” to end Spanish colonial oppression in Cuba.


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Cuba is a world leader in Covid-19 vaccination

Havana, May 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Saturday highlighted Cuba’s high rate of administration of Covid-19 vaccines per 100 inhabitants, an indicator in which it is a world leader.

On his Twitter account, the foreign minister wrote that Cuba has currently a rate of 321.61 doses administered per 100 inhabitants, so it exceeds high-income nations.

He added that 96.7 percent of the vaccine-eligible population in Cuba has been fully vaccinated, and 80.9 percent has received a booster shot.

Cuba has developed its immunization strategy basically using homegrown vaccines through technological platforms whose security and effectiveness have been proven for over 30 years.

Cuba was the first country to immunize its pediatric population against Covid-19, so children and teenagers could return to schools with higher protection.

Clinical trials with Cuban vaccines continue: one involving children under two years of age and another one with a vaccine candidate that is administered nasally.

Cuban vaccines are being used in a dozen countries, and the World Health Organization (WHO) will receive the dossier of two of them soon to authorize their emergency use.


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US measures do not end blockade against Cuba, French group states

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Paris, May 20 (Prensa Latina) France’s Cuba Linda solidarity association warned on Friday that the measures announced by the Government of the United States to ease the blockade against Cuba are very limited and do nothing to change the siege that has lasted for more than 60 years.

“Nothing to relax the blockade against Cuba that prevents the entry of molecules for medicines, basic products, fuel or spare parts for the maintenance of medical equipment, factories, airplanes and elevators,” Cuba Linda stressed in statements to Prensa Latina.

According to the association, founded in 1998 to promote ties between the French and Cuban peoples, the measures announced by Washington this week on flights to Cuban provinces, remittances and transactions with non-state stockholders do not change Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which reinforces the extraterritorial nature of the blockade.

The administration of Joseph Biden continued to say nothing about removing Cuba from the fallacious list of countries that supposedly sponsors of terrorism, which serves as a pretext for the arbitrary sanctions by the United States against the peoples that do not submit to its interests, it denounced.

According to Cuba Linda, the State Department’s announcement is a measure in function of US interests, and not a step in the alleged objective of helping the Cuban people.

The announcement was also made at a time when Latin American and Caribbean countries affirm that they will not participate in the 9th Summit of the Americas, to be held in Los Angeles in June, if Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are excluded, and in a context prior to the November elections, the French association stated.


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Cuba denounces that US blockade stimulates irregular migration

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United Nations, May 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuba denounced to the United Nations the stimulus that the US blockade currently represents for the irregular migration, which is tightening amid the difficult conditions derived from the Covid-19 pandemic.

That policy aimed at provoking discouragement among the Cubans through deprivation and needs flagrantly violates the most elementary human rights, Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Elio Rodriguez stated.

Several US administrations have implemented actions that encourage the irregular emigration from Cuba to the northern nation and this favors criminal activities such as smuggling and human trafficking, he stressed.

Rodriguez also reiterated on Thursday Cuba’s commitment to the objectives of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, when he participated in the first review forum of that agreement.

In his speech, the Cuban deputy foreign minister called for a real multilateral cooperation on international migration, based on the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter and the international regulations.

The first review forum of that issue, which concludes at the UN headquarters in New York this Friday, takes place four years after the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was adopted.


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Mexico-Cuba Agreement includes medical training, research and vaccine

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Mexico City, May 20 (Prensa Latina) The Mexico-Cuba Health Agreement includes the training of specialists, research, vaccines, medicines and hiring of Cuban doctors, the Ministry of Health announced.

As promised by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that he would fully disclose the agreement signed with the Cuban government since there was nothing to hide, the Ministry complied and delivered the text to all press media and on its website.

The document states that on May 8, in Havana, the Mexican Minister of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, and his Cuban counterpart, José Ángel Portal Miranda, signed the Cooperation Agreement between the Mexican Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Cuba in the field of health.

Its objective is to establish the legal framework of reference, through which both agencies will develop technical, scientific and academic cooperation activities.

It also establishes in Article II “Areas and modalities of cooperation”, that both will be able to send specialists to provide services in prevention, public health, care and telementoring in health units or institutions, propose and make available annual spaces for the training of medical specialists.

Both countries will also enter into agreements on medicines and vaccines, scientific research and any other area agreed upon in writing.

Regarding medicines and vaccines, the document specifies that according to their needs and in accordance with the corresponding legal procedures, both countries will be able to acquire medicines, vaccines and all kinds of medical manufacturing equipment.

Regarding scientific research, the two countries will establish a technical-regulatory committee to develop joint actions.


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