Over 24,000 Polling Stations for Partial Elections in Cuba

elecciones-cuba-infografia-falco[1]Havana, Feb 20.- About 24,701 polling stations were constituted in Cuba for April’s partial elections, to elect the delegates of the Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power (local managements).This period will have nearly 4,884 polling stations less than the previous elections, the secretary of the National Electoral Commission, Tomas Amaran, said in statements cited today by Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

The decrease was expected and for that reason, the country approved in complementary rules to raise to 700 the quantity of voters per polling station, to improve organization.

With this change, attention to voters is focused and information management is more easy, Amaran stated to whom that decrease will prevent moving personnel unnecessarily.

As part of the elections, the assemblies to nominate candidates in districts, a process that will last until March 25, will began on February 24. (Prensa Latina).

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