Over 1,000 Cuban health professionals fight Covid-19 in 23 countries

Havana, May 14 (Prensa Latina) More than 1,000 Cuban medical collaborators are working in the red zone providing care to Covid-19 patients in 23 countries, while the others are working in wards for observation, convalescence and consults, it was reported here.

Those professionals are members of 25 brigades of the Henry Reeve International Contingent Specialized in Situations of Disasters and Serious Epidemics, who joined the existing missions in 60 countries, the director of the Central Unit of Medical Collaboration, Jorge Delgado, said on Cuban television.

Speaking on the Mesa Redonda (Round Table) radio and television program on Wednesday, the expert noted that before leaving for several countries, the medical personnel is trained by a team from the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute in such matters as measures of protection, prevention, clinics and intensive care therapy.

They are trained to cure and protect themselves with elementary biosecurity and control measures, he said.

Delgado added that the collaborators are tested for Covid-19 before arriving at the Unit, where the test is repeated, and before leaving for the mission, they get a PCR test in real time, whose results are available 48 hours before departure.

In addition, during their stay in the institution, they are checked medically and conditions are guaranteed to keep the necessary measures of protection and hygiene, he underlined.

The physicians and nurses who are fighting the new coronavirus in other countries have already treated 14,000 patients, saved 493 lives, and 41 people have died in the centers where they are working, Delgado noted.

On May 23, Cuban medical collaboration will mark its 57th anniversary, ‘during that time, more than 420,000 Cuban health professionals have fulfilled missions in 134 countries, and 1.9 billion patients have been assisted, a number that has increased considerably during the pandemic,’ he stated.

Since 1963, when the history of Cuban medical collaboration began, 14 million surgeries and four million births have been performed, and 8.3 million lives have been saved, he added.

According to Delgado, there are 29,455 collaborators, including those who were already in a mission before the Covid-19 outbreak, caused by the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus, and those who joined later.

He said that it is worth noting the work of the nursing staff, especially due to the impact caused by the brigade in Barbados, which was recognized by local authorities for their timely and professional work.


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