Orlando’s first flight to Cuba departed today

world-atlantic-420x237Orlando International Airport’s first flight to Cuba has finally left the airport.

A charter flight, operated by Miami-based World Atlantic Airlines, was scheduled to depart from the airport at 1 p.m. on a nonstop route to Havana.

Carolyn Fennell, an airport spokeswoman, said the charter flight is one of three scheduled by Gulfstream Air Charters, a tour operating group based in Miami.

The flight, however, was delayed because of bad weather and other issues, said Fennell. The flight finally left at 3:31 p.m., she said.

Today’s charter flight is one of three by Gulfstream that have been approved at Orlando International, said Fennell. The other flights will leave June 17 and 24, she said.

Gulfstream Air Charters offers nonstop flights between Florida and Cuba, according to the company’s website. A service schedule posted on Gulfstream’s site only lists flights departing in September from Miami; ticket prices, according to the site, range from $309 to $349 per person.

Flights from Miami to Cuba are listed as operated by Envoy Air and Falcon Air Express. However, Falcon Air relinquished its FAA air carrier certificate June 5.

Fennell said there have not been discussions to extend Gulfstream’s charter service beyond the three June flights.

Twice-weekly flights to the island nation were originally scheduled to depart Orlando starting July 8, via Island Travel & Tours.

Those flights will take place Wednesday and Sundays, said Island Travel & Tours officials when they announced their flights in April.

By Caitlin Dineen, Orlando Sentinel
June 10, 2015

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