Open letter to President Biden asking him to change his Cuba policy

Poster with a request to Joe Biden to change policy for Cuba

A group of organizations and individuals based in the United States advocate for investments and trade with the island to sponsor the emerging private sector and mitigate the impacts of the crisis.

OnCuba StaffFebruary 11, 2024 in Cuba-USA

With the 2024 election campaign in full swing, an alliance of U.S. and Cuban-American groups and activists published an open letter to President Joe Biden encouraging him to take a turn in his Cuba policy.

The letter speaks directly of the advantages of a rapprochement with the island by offering “the best chances of achieving some of the margins that you need to win, by receiving votes from one of the Latin American communities with the largest voter turnout.”

The group is the Alliance for Cuba Engagement and Respect ― Acere for its acronym in English ― a name that plays with the phonetics of asere, a Cubanism that belongs to the colloquial register and a word that for Cubans means friend, brother or partner.

“After several announcements, we are still waiting for measures that allow trade and investment with the island’s growing private sector. We also hope to achieve unlimited freedom to travel to Cuba, as is the case with other countries that are really dangerous,” the petitioners state.

Signed by more than fifty organizations and more than two hundred individuals based in the United States, the document resolutely calls for removing the island from the list of nations that help or sponsor terrorism, according to the State Department.

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